Frictionless Setup
Set up a comprehensive continuous integration system for your iOS and Android apps in just minutes
Connect to any Git repository
Buddybuild works with every Git based repository. A build is generated every time a commit is pushed by your team — ensuring that you can safely introduce changes into your app.
Seamlessly onboard your team
It's easy to onboard your team. Buddybuild automatically synchronizes users and their access control from your source code provider. This means that users who have access to your repository will have access to the related app in buddybuild.
Supported platforms and dependency managers
Buddybuild’s CI system supports the most popular mobile platforms and dependency managers:
Native Platforms
Hybrid Platforms
Phone Gap
React Native
Dependency Managers
Get set up in minutes
Onboarding your application is quick and painless. Buddybuild creates smart defaults based on your project and automatically configures your build process for you!
See it in action