Effortless Deployment
Continuous deployment as it should be: one click to send, one click to install.
Frictionless delivery
Buddybuild’s continuous deployment system enables you to choose exactly when to deploy your iOS or Android apps to testers. Invite and manage stakeholders in configurable deployment groups to ensure the right version of your app is distributed to the right users at the right time. Once added, stakeholders receive an email with a “one-click” install experience. Seconds later, your app is running on their device.
Auto-provision new devices
For iOS developers, the headaches of dealing with code signing, provisioning profiles, and UDIDs are over. New testers and their devices are automatically provisioned on your behalf for a streamlined "one-click" install experience.
Insight into adoption and usage
Buddybuild’s SDK provides visibility into a user’s activity with your app. Know when a user has downloaded, installed, and launched your app. Buddybuild will also aggregate the total time your app has been running across all devices, giving you a sense for stakeholder engagement.
Keep your users up to date
As soon as a new build of your mobile app is available, buddybuild will automatically prompt your beta testers to install the latest version. They will receive both an in-app prompt and an email notification.
Deploy directly to the Play Store and App Store
When you've finished beta testing, buddybuild automates the entire process of deploying your Android or iOS app directly to the Play Store or App Store.