Learn why companies like yours
Learn why companies
like yours

The Washington Post

"Only buddybuild consistently builds our complex projects. With no scripts required, it manages our dependencies, signing certificates, and provisioning profiles across all projects for us. This benefit alone freed up one engineer's time to start working on new features again."

Arthur Sabintsev, Lead iOS Engineer at The Washington Post

The Washington Post found buddybuild to be the best CI/CD service for their sophisticated release process.

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"Out of all the CI systems we tried for the Firefox app, only buddybuild completely automates our development processes and runs our tests reliably. As a team working on an open source project, we're able to move ahead with confidence knowing we have a solid toolset we can rely on."

Emily Toop, Mobile Software Engineer of Mozilla

The Mozilla mobile team build their open source apps using buddybuild.

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"Not only has buddybuild proven to be a reliable build system, but it’s unlocked capabilities within our development workflow we wouldn’t have thought possible."

Ian Bird, Director of Android and iOS at Plex

Plex trusts buddybuild to meet the unique needs of their mobile apps.

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"We spent weeks trying to replace our Mac mini with a hosted CI service. We tried everyone. They were all too complicated and server focused. Then we found buddybuild."

Jon Trainer, iOS Lead at Kinsa

Kinsa replaced a series of fastlane scripts with a complete, mobile focused Continuous Integration and Deployment solution.

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"Buddybuild has the best and most unique set of features out there. Nearly every other service is focused on generic build tasks. Most other CI solutions we tried were so unspecialized and non-mobile focused it became unuseful. And with buddybuid it's quite the opposite."

Josha Garnham, lead iOS developer at Monzo

The Monzo team have found a complete solution in buddybuild after trialing 5 CI solutions in under a year.

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"With buddybuild, the common development workflows that ought to be straightforward now actually are."

Ben Kennedy, iOS developer at Kashoo

Kashoo trusts buddybuild over their in-house server and Jenkins setup to automate all build, testing and deployment processes of their mobile apps.

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Conquer Mobile

"Buddybuild has completely replaced our need for a build engineer. We don't need to worry about managing daily builds or our build architechture at all."

David Foster, COO of Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile gained the time of a full engineer back with buddybuild.

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"We've tried every available service, including homegrown ones and buddybuild is far and away the best. There's no challenge to getting the app in front of testers. There's no challenge to getting feedback. There's no challenge to incorporating the feedback in the app and continuously iterating. It just works."

Matt Hackett, CTO of Beme

Beme on conducting betas with buddybuild.

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Some of the world's most respected brands trust buddybuild