Video Feedback for buddybuild's SDK

We believe that including users as part of the development process is crucial to the success of any software project. Further, that removing any friction for users to provide feedback helps ensure that you're building a product users will love.

With that in mind, we built the buddybuild SDK to help streamline the channel of communication between mobile developers and their end users.

Included in the buddybuild SDK are features like Instant Replay, which lets you watch the exact steps required to reproduce a crash and shows you the exact sequence of events that lead up to it. And the Feedback Reporter, which lets your testers file bug reports that include graphically annotated screenshots, feedback notes and their device metadata by simply taking a screenshot.

Today, we're introducing Video Feedback to the buddybuild SDK.

Get crystal clear insights throughout usability testing

Similar to Instant Replay, Video Feedback captures a 15 second video recording of your users' interactions within your app - including touch points!

Now, whenever a piece of feedback is submitted through buddybuild, you'll get a 15 second video of the users interactions before they submit feedback in addition to the annotated screenshot and text.

We built Video Feedback to help developers better debug UI issues - namely those that involve interactions, animations or transitions - where accurate user feedback cannot be captured in a single screenshot.

Getting Started

To get started, simply go to Buddybuild Settings -> buddybuild SDK -> Feature Settings and toggle on Video Feedback.

Once enabled, you'll start receiving video feedback on the next deployed build of your app.

Get started with all-new Video Feedback and other great features to help with your beta testing process by signing up for buddybuild today!