Support for video playback of iOS UI Tests

Today we're announcing support for video playback of iOS UI tests!

UI testing lets developers confirm that their app behaves as they expect under a typical use case or scenario.

UI video playback joins the list of recently released iOS Testing features that thousands of teams use to gain insight into their tests and to make sure their tests run reliably and consistently.

The existing iOS testing experience includes a presentation of app screenshots generated by Xcode during test execution.

While screenshots solve a specific class of problems - like what happened in the app at a specific moment - there are certain problems where a video of the test run provides a far better solution:

  • How did a view appear?
  • Did the transition occur as expected?
  • What transpired that caused my tests to fail?

Video Playback of iOS UI Tests

Now, by integrating the buddybuild SDK, you'll be presented with video playback of your tests to answer these types of questions and more!

Start recording your tests

For detailed instructions on enabling video recording for your iOS UI tests, check out our step-by-step guide. This feature is currently available to teams on the Business or Business Plus plans.

Let us know your thoughts on our new video recording, by tweeting us at @buddybuild or reaching out directly to the team!

Video recording for UI tests is just one part of a series of exciting test improvements we have planned, and as always, we'd love to hear what features we can add to improve your experience.

If there's a testing specific feature, another type of feature you’d like to see added to buddybuild, please post it in our discussion forums.