Single Sign-On for Enterprises using buddybuild

Centralize Access Management with Single Sign-on

To date, developers have accessed the buddybuild dashboard via their personal login credentials; either with a username / password or via a public OAuth provider like GitHub or Bitbucket.

Authenticating with personal login credentials works for many development teams. However, companies are increasingly mandating centralized user access control within their organization.

For those teams, we’re excited to announce new Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for buddybuild!

SSO lets organizations enable or rescind access to a 3rd party service (like buddybuild) through a single identity provider. Teams can now securely and seamlessly move between internal services and buddybuild without having to specify their credentials each time.

Using SSO with buddybuild

Buddybuild currently supports SSO with any SAML-based identity provider, like Okta, OneLogin, or Microsoft’s ADFS. Configuring SSO through buddybuild allows team members to authenticate via their company’s preferred SAML-based identity provider and access the buddybuild dashboard seamlessly.

For more information on using SSO with buddybuild, please read our helpful doc on Single Sign-On for Enterprise.

Getting Started

Buddybuild’s SSO capabilities are only available to development teams on Enterprise plans. If you are interested in SSO for your organization, please contact

After SSO is enabled for your organization, configuring it with your SAML-based identity provider can be done in a few minutes.

To get started, please follow our SSO setup guide, or contact our support team and one of our engineers can walk you through the setup process. Teams using Okta can follow this step-by-step guide to connect Okta to buddybuild for SSO.