Introducing Selective Builds

Some teams, especially those using hybrid frameworks like React-Native, use buddybuild to build multiple applications from a single Git repository. While buddybuild supports many popular hybrid frameworks, our previous experience would trigger a new build of both applications within your repo, even if the code change only affected one platform.

Our new Selective Builds setting allows you to trigger (or avoid triggering) a build of your application when certain files are changed.

Selective Builds can be particularly helpful if:

  • You’re developing white-labeled applications, or are using hybrid frameworks and use one repository to make many apps.

  • You want to skip builds for committed files that are unrelated to your project’s source files. For example, you probably won’t need to rebuild your application if changes to the or .gitignore files are made.

Now matter the use case, the Selective Builds setting helps you save build time, reduce noise and focus only on relevant changes that affect the application you’re working on.

Getting Started

The new Selective Builds feature is found in the 'Build Settings' tab of your 'App Settings'.

For a step-by-step setup guide, and more file pattern examples feel free to read the Selective Builds documentation.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new Selective Builds setting — feel free to tweet @buddybuild, or share your feedback directly with the team.

And, if there’s a setting you’d like to see added to buddybuild’s App Settings, please post about it in our discussion forums.