Android UI testing with Firebase Test Lab

Today, we’re excited to announce an integration with the Google Firebase Test Lab to bring teams a frictionless experience in running Android UI Tests on physical devices!

Now, all buddybuild users can run their Android UI tests on real hardware from Google’s Firebase Test Lab.

Buddybuild integrates tightly with Firebase Test Lab so users can select which devices and OS versions (API level) to run their tests directly within the buddybuild dashboard.

Physical device testing is now available to all buddybuild users, on all pricing plans. Each test run costs $0.10 per minute, per device.

Why test on physical devices?

Running tests on physical devices helps ensure your app runs seamlessly on the exact devices your user base owns.

Physical device testing is the best way to surface issues that are specific to a certain OS, device, or vendor permutation - a class of issues that aren’t captured when testing on virtual devices. Physical device testing also yields faster test runs, resulting in faster builds.


Buddybuild’s Android physical device testing provides developers with a faster and more reliable testing experience, and crystal clear insight into exactly what happened during each test run.

To get started, pick from Firebase Test Lab’s dozens of devices and Android versions, and buddybuild will automatically kick off tests to run your app against them.

If you choose multiple devices, buddybuild will run your tests in parallel to ensure you have the fastest time-to-results. For each test run, all results will be displayed in the 'UI Tests' section of the buddybuild dashboard.

For each test run on physical devices, buddybuild now provides:

  • All the logs generated during the UI test run
  • A video replay of each UI test run on each device
  • A detailed call stack for any test failure during test runs

To see the details for a test, navigate to the 'UI tests' summary tab within your build and click the 'Device' tab.

Video Replay of UI tests

Included in each UI test result is a Video replay of your test run on a specific device showing you exactly what happened.

Getting Started

Follow our step-by-step guide to start running your Android UI tests on physical devices.

Let us know your thoughts on our new physical device testing, by tweeting us at @buddybuild or reaching out directly to the team!

Physical device testing for Android UI tests is just one part of a series of exciting testing improvements we have planned, and as always, we’d love to hear what features we can add to improve your experience.

If there’s a specific feature you’d like to see added to buddybuild, please post it in our discussion forums.

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