Rich Pull Request support for apps hosted on GitHub and Bitbucket!

Pull requests let members of development teams notify their peers of a change they'd like to commit to a code base. Interested parties can then review the set of changes, discuss potential modifications, and even push follow-up commits if necessary.

Today, buddybuild is completely revamping pull request support for both GitHub and Bitbucket based projects.

How our pull request support works

Buddybuild will trigger a new build whenever a pull request is opened and when commits are added to an existing pull request.

Rather than simply building each pull request commit, buddybuild will build the merge of the pull request commit and the tip of its base branch. In other words, buddybuild builds the pull request merge commit so that you always know if your changes are safe to merge.

Similarly, when you click Build Now on an open pull request, buddybuild builds the merge commit of the latest pull request commit against the tip of its base branch.

In the builds page, the buddybuild UI will show you the current status of your pull request. You can see at a glance when the pull request is open or closed.

The build details page will also show you more information about the pull request and its base branch. Green means that your changes are safe to merge.

Clicking on the pull request number will launch a new window with the pull request in GitHub or Bitbucket. There you will see that buddybuild has updated the commit status for each of your commits.

Pull request commit status in Bitbucket

Buddybuild will check if every pull request commit can be merged. If the commit can't be merged, you'll be notified of the conflict so that you can quickly resolve the issue.

As an extra helpful check, buddybuild compares the build settings used for the Pull request against its base branch build settings. Because inconsistent build settings might lead to false positives / negatives upon a merge, buddybuild warns you if your settings have drifted apart. Going the extra mile is all part of being the world's best mobile app service.

How to get started

The pull request features are already available for GitHub and Bitbucket apps. Simply visit your build settings and ensure that the Build Pull Requests setting is enabled.

For more information on how to setup your project to use pull requests, check out the buddybuild documentation.