The latest features and improvements from buddybuild
Introducing Selective Builds
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Our new Selective Builds setting allows you to trigger (or avoid triggering) a build of your application when certain files are changed.
Selective Builds, how to use Danger with buddybuild, and a re-launch of documentation
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A re-launch of our documentation, how to use "Danger" with buddybuild, and Selective Builds so you can trigger builds of your app based on specific changes
How to use Danger with buddybuild
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Here's a quick guide on how you can pair Danger with buddybuild to automate the tedious and time-consuming aspects of your mobile development workflow.
Branch Override Patterns, Test Reporting for React Native, Ionic... and more!
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Custom test reporting, Improved integrations for Bitbucket Issues and GitLab Issues, and even more granular Settings Experience with Branch Pattern Override
Custom Test Reporting with buddybuild
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Buddybuild’s test infrastructure can now run almost any 3rd-party (or homegrown) test framework for your projects and the results appear directly in the buddybuild dashboard.
Scoped Access Control and a buddybuild bot for GitHub Users
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The new buddybuild GitHub App provides mobile development teams with fine grained access control for repos and a new bot to help automate their workflow.