Organization level settings for buddybuild

Thousands of teams use buddybuild to streamline their continuous integration, distribution, user feedback and App Store submission processes.

We continue to be humbled by the extensive adoption and usage of buddybuild, but hadn’t accurately predicted how many of these teams have tens or hundreds of applications under active development.

As a consequence, accomplishing common tasks like defining which version of Xcode to compile with could be quite cumbersome.

Today, we’re launching “Org level settings” for buddybuild!

Now, teams can set default settings for applications they might onboard in the future, and, retroactively configure settings for existing applications. Each setting can be applied to all applications in an organization, scoped to iOS or Android only applications, or only to select applications.

Our hope is that this new configuration capability will make it easier for teams to set up and maintain specific build and environment configurations across all applications, and save even more time during development.

Defining settings for all your applications

Here are just some of the default settings teams can employ across all of their apps in buddybuild:

  • Build configurations: define when buddybuild should trigger a new build of your apps, and if buddybuild should cancel any pending builds when a new commit is added to the same branch.

  • Default Xcode or Java version: Specify a preferred Xcode or Java version to run when building iOS or Android apps.

  • Environment Variables: Setup shared environment variables for your apps to consume at runtime or during a build.

  • iOS Signing Certificates and Provisioning Profiles: Upload certificates and provisioning profiles to be shared across all iOS apps in your buddybuild organization. If you’re using the same certificates and provisioning profiles for any new apps you onboard, buddybuild can also automatically sign any new apps on your behalf.

  • Notifications: Share your Slack team or HipChat room connections across all of your applications.

Configuring your team’s default settings

To set up your team’s default settings, navigate to your "Settings", and click the "Configure settings for all apps" widget on the lower left-hand side of the dashboard.

This new configuration capability is the first in a series of improvements we’ll be making to the settings experience in buddybuild. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our latest feature — feel free to tweet @buddybuild or share your feedback directly with the team.

And, if there’s an app or team-level setting you’d like to see added to buddybuild, please let us know by posting in our discussion forums.

Stay tuned for more exciting settings updates in the next few weeks!