A New Unit & UI testing experience for iOS apps

Today, we’re announcing a new experience for running Unit and UI tests for your iOS applications!

It's largely accepted that automated testing improves application quality and lets teams develop new features with confidence, knowing that they're not introducing regressions with changes that they make.

As such, we rethought the testing experience at buddybuild and how we could enable teams to drive down the time to resolution when dealing with test failures.

Testing Overview

Buddybuild’s new test experience provides you with insight into every test run, and makes it easy to pinpoint the exact issues behind a failed test run.

Our new testing experience is centered around the ‘Test Details’ section of the buddybuild dashboard.

For each test run, buddybuild now provides:

  • Code snippets for failed tests
  • Screenshots for all UI tests
  • A detailed call stack for app crashes during test runs
  • Support for FBSnapshot
  • All the logs generated by the xcodebuild command

To see the details for a test, simply navigate to the test summary tab within your build and click ‘View Details’ for that test.

Code Snippets

If your test fails because of an assertion, its test details page will show a code snippet of the failing test along with the failed assertion highlighted.


Xcode takes screenshots of your app whenever it runs your UI tests. These screenshots are captured whenever an activity, like a swipe or tap, happens during a test.

If your test is a UI test, its test details page will contain the screenshots captured by Xcode. Each screenshot comes with a description of the corresponding activity.

Crash Reports

If your app crashes during a test, you’ll see a call stack of the crash and a code snippet for each method call from your app.


FBSnapshotTestCase is a testing framework that lets you easily test your app’s views. It generates a snapshot of your view during a test and compares it to a reference image that you include with your source code.

If your project has a FBSnapshotTestCase test that fails, buddybuild will show you the reference image, generated image, and image diff in the test details page.


Raw logs generated by xcodebuild are available in the test details page. System logs generated by your app will also be included here.

Buddybuild's new iOS testing experience was designed to help you reliably test your project, and provide clarity into each test run - including test failures.

This is the first in a series of exciting testing improvements on our roadmap. Stay tuned for more testing improvements in the coming weeks. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new testing experience - feel free to tweet @buddybuild, or share your feedback directly with the team.

As always, if there’s a feature you’d like to see added to buddybuild’s testing, please post about it in our discussion forums.