Improving Developer Productivity with buddybuild

From the outset, we’ve been laser-focused on helping developers ship better apps, faster.

To date, buddybuild has increased thousands of development teams' productivity by automating many of the tedious tasks associated with mobile development.

By focusing on solving the unique needs of the mobile development process, buddybuild makes it possible for developers to spend less time on non-feature related tasks and more time focused on building apps that users love.

Measuring Mobile Developer Productivity

A recent study found that “the most successful mobile apps release 1 - 4 updates a month.” Today’s app users expect new features and bug fixes on a regular cadence. Developer productivity is critical for teams focused on shipping better software, faster, to meet these increasing consumer demands.

To deliver on these demands, teams must make efficient use of their development resources and continue to measure and improve developer productivity. Development teams can measure their overall productivity in many different ways: total lines of code, time spent on task, number of features delivered, velocity of the team, issue close rate, and many more.

Regardless of the team’s preferred metric, the fastest way to improve a mobile developer’s productivity is by having them spend more time working on features and less time on non-feature related tasks. Teams that can improve developer productivity are better suited to deliver on the ultimate goal of shipping higher quality apps, faster that improve overall business results.

Improving Your Mobile Development Productivity

After working with mobile development teams like The New York Times, Slack, Firefox and many more, we’ve put together some key findings to help you and your team increase productivity when building mobile apps.

In this eBook you'll learn:

  • Causes of mobile developer productivity loss

  • Challenges associated with maintaining an in-house CI / CD system for mobile apps

  • How a mobile-focused CI / CD system can give you back countless hours throughout the development process

By sharing this resource, we hope to help development teams better understand the productivity gains they can achieve by using the right tools when building mobile apps.

After the first day of using buddybuild, our team’s productivity quadrupled. Buddybuild has completely changed our workflow and how we do business."

-New York Times Engineering