Detailed Feedback & Crash Reporting for React Native Apps

We believe that involving users as part of the development process is crucial to the success of any software project. With that in mind, we built the buddybuild SDK to help streamline the channel of communication between mobile developers and their end users.

To date, the buddybuild SDK has helped thousands of development teams building native iOS and Android apps gather insight into their end users' interactions and minimize the time to resolution for reported issues.

As teams have increasingly adopted React Native into their development process, we’ve had several requests to extend the SDK and provide the same suite of tools for the React Native platform.

Today, we’re excited to announce the buddybuild SDK now supports React Native projects!

All developers building React Native apps can now integrate the buddybuild SDK into their projects, a powerful suite of tools that:

  • Gives testers a frictionless way to send annotated screenshots, via the Feedback Reporter
  • Attaches a short video of a user's interactions to each piece of feedback with Video Feedback
  • Traces back & highlights the exact line of source code for every crash with Source Context.
  • Provides video with exact sequence of events leading up to each crash with Instant Replay (Instant Replay for Android coming soon!)

We’ve made a series of improvements to ensure React Native developers have complete context into any crashes that occur within their app, and can leverage the SDK’s video recording features.

As an added feature for React Native projects, buddybuild also saves the source maps during an app’s build, and exposes the source mapped stack trace as part of each crash report.

Buddybuild’s crash reporting for React Native projects is still in beta, and we deeply appreciate sharing any feedback you might have directly with our engineering team.

Getting Started

After onboarding your application and installing the SDK, you can select which SDK features to include when your React Native project is deployed. To do so, navigate to “App Settings” and “Buddybuild SDK”.

Once you’ve selected the SDK features you’d like to include in your project, the final step is to deploy your project out to testers. You can do this in the Deployments tab.

To read more details and FAQs about the buddybuild SDK and its features, visit the buddybuild docs.

Wrapping Up

By adding React Native support to the buddybuild SDK, we hope to help more developers gather insight into their end users' interactions and minimize their time to resolution.

Buddybuild’s crash reporting for React Native projects is still in beta, and we appreciate any feedback you might have on how we can improve the experience. If you have any feature requests, or run into any issues while using the SDK for your React Native projects, please contact our engineering team.

Stay tuned for more updates on crash reporting for React Native, and Instant Replay for Android in the next few weeks!