Tips, tricks and tutorials to improve your mobile development workflow
The buddybuild team is now part of Apple!
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We're excited to share that the buddybuild team has joined the Xcode engineering group at Apple to build amazing developer tools for the entire iOS community
Improving Developer Productivity with buddybuild
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Buddybuild has improved thousands of development teams' productivity by automating tasks associated with mobile development. Learn More - Download the eBook
How to use Sourcery to speed up your Swift development
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Use Sourcery to automate the redundant part of writing Swift code, with buddybuild as your CI / CD system so you can stay focused on building amazing iOS apps.
5 Predictions for WWDC17
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Five predictions for what Apple's announcing at WWDC 2017. Share your predictions with your fellow iOS developers about the WWDC17 Keynote!
Run multiple versions of your iOS app side-by-side!
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Want to run a dev & prod version of your app running side-by-side? Use this helpful tutorial and an iOS CI / CD to setup & run multiple schemes at once
Rich Pull Request support for apps hosted on GitHub and Bitbucket!
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Buddybuild’s CI system kicks off a new build whenever a new pull request is opened and when commits are added for all projects hosted on GitHub & Bitbucket!