An improved buddybuild experience for all GitLab users!

In the last few months, we’ve seen an uptick in the number development teams using GitLab to store their repos - especially amongst teams using a self-hosted solution.

Today, we're excited to announce buddybuild's new integration for GitLab, with full support for, Community Edition, Enterprise Edition and GitLab hosted!

This integration is part of buddybuild's new partnership with GitLab, enabling developers to choose from even more tools to support an integrated software development lifecycle.

Benefits of integrating your GitLab account

The GitLab integration automates the process of setting up and unlocking many of the continuous integration and deployment features buddybuild provides.

In addition to the core features development teams gain by using buddybuild, here are just some of the added benefits of using our new integration:

  • A build with every code change: Instead of generating, managing and configuring SSH keys, buddybuild installs and configures the necessary web hooks so new builds are triggered whenever code is pushed.

  • Merge Request Support: buddybuild will trigger a new build whenever a new merge request is open, and when commits are added, so you’ll always know if your changes are safe to merge.

  • Updated Commit Status: buddybuild updates your commits with success, failure, or pending status in GitLab to reflect the outcome of your builds. Buddybuild will also update the commit status of any open merge request changes, and update the build status directly in your GitLab pipelines.

  • Team Management: buddybuild automatically synchronizes team members and their access control from GitLab. If a user has access to your repository in GitLab, they can log in and see the related app in buddybuild.

Getting Started

With our new integration, the steps required to connect and configure your GitLab account have been completely streamlined.

For step-by-step instructions on how to connect your GitLab account, follow our quick setup guides for projects hosted on, and privately hosted instances of GitLab.

If you're already using buddybuild with your GitLab projects, take advantage of these added features by authorizing your account.

Have thoughts on how to improve this workflow, or ideas for a new integration? Please don't hesitate to let us know!

To learn more about GitLab and their products, visit their website.